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Our Vision

Our vision is to bring Kidsapia to as many places in the world as possible. Where there are children, there should be Kidsapia. Each and every Kidsapia location is part of a global family. As our network becomes larger, more and more opportunities will become available for all these locations to interact on world-wide level. To put simply, our vision is for a Kidsapia Earth.

Our Mission

This unique Japanese soft play system provides an engaging, enriching and educational play experience for children. Our play system blends visual appeal with movement to create a unique and stimulating environment.

Our Story

Travelling, seeing the world and learning from people and cultures around the world are what we are truly passionate about. Having moved to the GTA over 8 years ago, we have fallen in love with this beautiful area. It has pretty much everything anyone will ever need. The only thing we saw as missing was a truly innovative and technologically advanced yet interactive and most importantly safe indoor playground for Families in this town and the surrounding areas.

So our quest began a couple of years ago and that was the beginning of the Kidsapia idea. Our travels to Japan, throughout Europe, the USA, Mexico and the rest of Canada helped us with all the ideas for the various exciting games, rides and play equipment that we have gathered here in Mississauga under one roof.


Hours of Fun
Happy Kids

Kidsapia Play System

Everyone will fall in love with the uniquely designed Japanese manufactured Kidsapia Play system made by an innovative Japanese company, BLD Oriental, in Osaka, Japan. Their play systems have been installed in over 400 locations around the world and more than 20 million kids have tried and enjoyed them in the past few years.   Now you can do the same right here in the Greater Toronto Area as we are premiering the exciting moving indoor play system for the first time in Canada. The manufacturing company called BLD stands for Bravery, Love and Dreams and we hope that by visiting our center you will experience and live these noble characteristics now and well into the future.

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